Monday, 12 October 2015

Tips of selecting hotel of your choices

The hotel condition is one of the factors that affect your comfort while travelling. If you have a comfortable hotel, you could rest peacefully in the evening of the next day, so that your body will be freshen enough to explore the interesting places that you plan to visit. But conversely, if the hotel you choose is not comfortable enough then your travel on the next day could be distracted. To get a cheap and comfortable hotel, we would like to share some of these tips:

1.    Hotel location
The location of the hotel chosen should a location near to the places to eat and also to consider the hotel which is located close to the major attractions you want to visit. If you stay in a place that is far from the main attractions or dining, you're going to wasteful transportation costs. It could be that hotel prices look cheaper but due to its location far away, it may end up with you will be more tired and become more wasteful in time and money.

2.   Facilities
Choose hotel which can provide facilities according to your needs. If you want to enjoy the sights outside the hotel and the hotel just as the place you sleep and keeping your goods and then choose budget hotel that offers only the basic needs of travellers such as bed and bath.  In this situation, do not choose a hotel that offers a wide range of facilities. Remember, all of the facilities you get have a correlation with money you have to pay. Do not let you waste your money for something you could not enjoy and utilize. Conversely, if you are on honeymoon and spent more time in hotels so hotels with complete facilities and service are worth it. Some of the villas have a selection of honeymoon packages that are ready to treat you like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

3.   Price
Most of us are surely agree to choose a hotel with a cheaper price (assuming with reasonable quality and facilities). There are 2 ways to get cheap rates hotel. The first way (suitable for families) by make a booking through a travel agent. This can happen due to a great travel agent could be pressing the owners to give the contract a cheaper rate. For example you came/ask directly to the 4-star hotel in Kuta, you may be offered a price of  200 dollars /night excluding tax services 21%, but if you are booking via a travel agent, you may be able to price of 180 dollars, net!. Indeed in some cases,  the calculations seems unreasonable, but it happened. The second way (perfect for backpackers) because if you cannot get any hotel, you should be prepared to sleep in the waiting room at the airport. The way is to book a hotel through online travel agents. Many owners of hotels offers last minute price (given exclusively for booking on the same day) with a great discount. The reasoning is that rather than leaving empty rooms at their hotel, the discounted offer could give pretty cover on their electricity costs.

4.   Don't forget to see the review
Before placing any  booking for a particular hotel, either through a conventional travel agent or online travel agent, we recommend that you read first and study people reviews of the hotel of your choice. One of the popular online reviews is tripadvisor. In addition, some online travel agent also has reviews and comments from people who've already stayed before. It may be useful for you in making comparison with other hotel and your expectation before final decision is made.

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