Thursday, 15 October 2015

Some Tips and Guidelines while Travelling with Kids

      1. Before departing

For kids for ages 3 to 8 years, it is okay to let them select their own belongings which they wanted to bring with them. This can help them to learn in making their own decisions and learn to build self-confidence.  Oh yes, don't forget to bring the toys for the little kids. These toys can cheer them up during a long trip and avoid getting bored later. Please include a few treats such as candies and chocolates, a small towel, tissue, story books and paper and stationery in the bag as well that could be brought handy. If a vacation abroad, look for information about additional vaccines if required for the purpose of their health safety.

2. At the airport

Come check-in early at the airport to avoid delays and minor problems that can cause you to miss a plane. Tell your children about the security screening procedures so that they are not afraid to do it especially when entering the inspection door.  With a crowd of people in the airport, you need to take more care on your children’s movement. Make sure the children are always next to you and hold their hands. Don't ever leave your children without supervision from an adult.

3. In flight

In the plane, the best seats for your kids are the first row in the economy class. There is no space to walk. A child should sit between two adults, hence when making the reservation; you also need to choose a seat.  Booking seats in advance though will have to pay more but it's worth it and can help the whole family members able to seat adjacent or nearby. 

4. If traveling by car

Make the trip by car in pleasant memories by bringing pillows and blankets. Stop regularly if required at any place of rest and treat area. Make sure you set up paper, pencils, toys, CD songs and favorite children's book. And most importantly, involve your children in the mood of the vacation.  Keep everything related to your holiday such as brochures and ticket in special booklet such as the thick book. By viewing at the brochures and the tickets, it will be more exciting and makes them eager to reach the destination.

5. At the destination

Make sure your vacation schedule with your kids more relaxed and have plenty of free time. Do not create a compact itinerary. It will make your kids very tired and thus makes them irritable. If other family members follow your vacation, make sure they store information about hotels and phone numbers to be contacted during emergencies. 

6. At hotel
Make sure children do not play in the bathroom. Make sure your hotel’s room floor is not wet also to avoid the kids or you from slipping. When you relax, make sure the windows are not open and the door is locked.  Most of the children are indeed like showering activities very much in the pool. Hence, don't let them swim without supervision from you or any other adults.

7. The things that need to be taken

If your vacation agenda includes a swimming pool, sea, water theme park and places associated with water, the important thing that you need to make sure is never let them alone. Although they can swim, children should always wear floats.  Bring a hat wider and skin moisturizer to protect children from the sun light. Bring the required medicine also. Don't forget to save your family doctor numbers that can be contacted when the emergency even if you're on holiday abroad. To prevent diseases caused by the contaminated water, drink only mineral water and use the water that already being boiled to make a child's milk or juice.

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