Tuesday, 13 October 2015

How to have a long vacation with only one bag?

By traveling we learn something about a place that we visited either in terms of culture, customs and its environment in a particular place.  For those who like to travel, bags and luggage are important indeed when we go for a vacation. Maybe enough or sufficient with only one bag for those who vacation in a day or two days. But how do who want to travel more than a week? Certainly we need more luggage isn't it? Here I want to share a little travel tips with one bag only for a long vacation:

1. Many of us do not know how to arrange clothes in the travelling bag. So, we have difficulties to accommodate all the shirts are required. This has not yet to include with the other necessities. Firstly is by fold and sort clothes firmly to save space in the bag. Remember, all goods can be loaded if it is compiled with the correct and proper way.

2. Easy cleaning clothes  is a smart choice to bring along if you want a long travel. This is because you can wear it over and over while on vacation. There are some individuals who have a habit of bringing more clothes than necessary. So, choose the right clothing you comfortable so that you can wear it again when there.

3. The selection of a suitable bag is very important . For example if you go to camping, climbing or relaxing holidays, backpacks are perfect choice to use because you don't need to hold it all the time. You also need to compile all your needs in the bag so that it fit well.

You can also isolate the clothes already worn if you choose bags have many components so they are not mixed with other clothes. This can prevent your clothes become an unpleasant and uncomfortable. In addition, you won't feel worries in finding anything because you already know where its position. This type of bag is highly recommended to those who have a lot of small stuff so that it is not left out everywhere.

4.  It is better if you separate the important documents such as passport, wallet, mobile phone and others into the other special bag, such as a small cross bag. It also offers easy access to anywhere without having to feel worry. Make several copies for documents which are important as a back up. If lost, you can use them when making a police report.

Hope the above tips could help you. Have a nice holiday!

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