Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Six tips on how to avoid the irritable stomach during traveling to Asia's country

Why Asia? Generally in Asia , many countries have their own famous cuisines for its diversity of types of food such as Japanese cuisine, Indian cuisine and Chinese cuisine in which always been a meal in anywhere eateries. In addition, we are also famous for its many dishes using spices-a fairly ' spicy spices such as black pepper, Curry, coconut milk and much more. For some of those who have sensitive stomach, mistakenly select food will  certainly make them suffer symptoms such as diarrhea, indigestion and bloated stomach. This will make our stomach discomfort and will disrupt our daily activities if we're on vacation. Let's read what the 6 tips to avoid the fuss of stomach:

1) Control the fat intake of sugar during the holidays, if possible avoid fast food or high fat foods and sugar content. If possible, before going to a place, do a little study  where are the location of suitable restaurants suite for us.

2) Plan your lunch when traveling, undoubtedly we often running out of time to eat calmly. That means going to a restaurant and order a set of rice was done with relish. Sometimes we had to go out early in the morning to get to the airport or waiting for a taxi to go to the destinations of their own. So always plan your travel and lunch. In the event of not being able to eat enough, we could have some snacks by consuming bread and drinking of mineral water. As long as the stomach is not left empty without filled with food can increase the acid content in the stomach.

3) Do not eat  spicy cuisine. So preferably not too packed dishes containing chilly and curry.

4) Eat in moderation, Do not over eat because more food into the stomach, there will be more number of acid produced in the stomach. So, control the quantity of the food in, preferably eat frequently but a little amount. The full stomach will cause the activity to be distracted and can makes us sleepy. So it is a waste if the time should be utilized to identify the places people are filled with sleep activities.

5) Watch carefully what is eaten when travelling in places people, the first thing that should concern is the cleanliness of the premises/venues. Never eat in the store that we are not sure the cleanness  as stores that can be found at the roadside or far from a clean water source. Never eat fruits that have been cut and idle. Be sure also to drink clean and filtered water.

6) Do not eat before sleeping since  during our body lay down, it could cause acid from our stomach to move to the esophagus. So, if you wish to have a snack before bedtime, take fruit and water adequately.  Therefore, it is very important so that we take care of your health and stomach while travelling. It wasn't okay to any country in Southeast Asia, which mainly provides a spicy and acidic menu. If Indonesia is famous for its chicken with curry, Malaysia with 'nasi lemak 'and fish stews. So be careful when taking food. . In addition, make sure to bring a bit of basic medicine necessarily to prevent from happening sickness if any.

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