Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Simple Tips of Driving Car While Travelling in Europe

Here are tips for those who intend to drive a car while travelling in Europe:

  • Car bookings over the internet are much cheaper. If booking directly from the counter, for example for a week full of cover, charged £ 500. But if you make a booking online can be less expensive, about £ 250.

  • If you choose a large car rental companies (e.g. europcar), car rental can be collected and returned at anywhere you wish. For car rentals here (i.e. Europe), we do not have to worry about of experiencing car breakdown while driving. The reason is the cars rental provided are all new cars. 

  • Don’t forget to bring your valid driving international license

  • GPS  Unit Rental for a day is quite expensive, about £ 20. If you rent let say for five days, it cost you almost the same price of buying 1 brand-new GPS unit already. Thus renting a GPS unit is not a good choice. Usually new cars already have in-built GPS, so the cost already included in the car rental charges.


  • GPS is very helpful since some places do not have the internet coverage, so we have to rely with this gadget. 

  • Petrol or gas price varies to per gas station. In France it cost about £ 1.4 liters and in Spain £ 1.3 liters. Thus make sure you fill fuel before night.

  • Please bring pen drive with your favorite songs to avoid drowsiness while driving. Some of the songs play on the radio, for example in France, we may not understand.

  • Lastly, do not forget to recite your prayers before drive and enjoy the view.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Batu Burok Beach, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia

Batu Buruk Beach (locally called as Pantai Batu Buruk) is also one of the attractions if you visit Kuala Terengganu. The place can be reached from Kuala Terengganu by bus, trishaw and taxi. Even if you like, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes on foot from Kuala Terengganu City Center.

That makes it a strategic place to visit by the locals as well as foreign travelers. With the shades provided by rows of coconut trees and Rhu trees (Casuarinas Tree), and the cool breeze of the South China Sea, many visitors have chosen this place to wrap up their bodies and minds as well as having a picnic along the beach. Nevertheless one should be mindful that it is not recommended, or even allowed, to swim here due to the strong waves.

Variety of Kites along the Beach

This beach offers you clear horizon view, where you are able to spot Pulau Redang and Pulau Kapas on clear days, as well as fishermen’s boats and ships. One cannot describe the feeling of just gazing out into the horizon with the breeze blowing and the sound of waves breaking into the beach.
The beach is frequently visited during the weekends and normally packed during school holidays. The white sandy beach then filled with colourful beach blankets for picnics and people from every age. With the benefits of open beach and strong breeze, you can find kites in many shapes and colours fill the clear blue sky. If you are lucky, you may get to see some people fly Terengganu traditional kite so called ‘Wau’, a Malaysian designed kite in a sort of crescent moon-like shape, also one of the national symbols. 
If you are feeling hungry, no need to worry since there are many people selling food and drinks in little carts, from their bikes or small trucks along the beach. Walk to the other end of the beach (the opposite direction from Primula Hotel), you will find Awam Batu Buruk Park, a recreational park, where the food court is. Here, you can sit down and enjoy variety of local food such as Nasi Dagang, fried ice cream, seafood dishes and so on . Besides, there is also a playground, skate park and so on.

One of the resorts and accomodation  availabe at Batu Burok Beach

On Friday, from 3:30 pm onwards, there will be a night market being opened there. The night market usually ends at 7pm. You might like to try buying some local food there if you are luckily on vacation at Batu Buruk Beach during that day. Friday and Saturday are considered as the official public holiday in Terengganu which quite differ as compared to most of other countries in Malaysia.

About The Author

I was born at an early age in a house at Dungun, Terengganu. Later my parent had moved to a village called as Kampung Besut located at Chukai, Kemaman, Terengganu. I was pushed into Sekolah Rendah Sultan Ismail, Kemaman during primary school and later at Sultan Ismail Secondary School.

After SRP/LCE (i.e. Lower Certificate Examination)‎ in 1989, I got offered to continue my study at MRSM  Kuala Terengganu for two years.

Then my parent moved back to Dungun and lived there until now. After completed my SPM/MCE (Middle Certificate Examination) in 1991, I took 3 months English Course at MARA Language Academy (MLA) at Cheras, Kuala Lumpur and forth pursued my A Level at MRSM Banting, Selangor. After two-years A-Level course, I was offer to proceed first through the doors of the University of Southampton, United Kingdom where I took an Electronic Engineering degree for three years.
During winter time in 1996  (location: behind my house rented together with my colleges at Honeysuckle Road, Southampton)

It was such a wonderful experience of having a chance, studying at a foreign country in United Kingdom for three years time. There are much lessons that I gained that and learning of new culture and environment which quite differ to my country.

                             Working at Engineering Lab during final year at University Of Southampton

I have been working quite a few years in Engineering and IT Company majoring in Expressway till now. Besides of my busy working life, I also would like to share some entries that suite to my interests during my spare time especially related to the travelling and vacations activities. I might also like to share my knowledge and my own travelling experience through this blog. Hope it shall be useful to some of you.

    DBU Programme conducted previously at Kuala Rompin, Johor (I'm the one sitting wearing cap and purple shirt surrounding with my office mates)

Enjoy reading! 

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Pasar Besar Kedai Payang, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia

Kuala Terengganu is a capital city of Terengganu, one of the countries in Malaysia. It is quite a busy city with a variety of races including Malay, Chinese and Indian but they are all Malaysians. They live in the harmonize environment, working as a one nation. I have been there quite a few times since my father was born there. Even though my grandfather and my grandmother on my father’s side were died very quite a long time decades ago, I still visit Kuala Terengganu if I got a chance to visit my siblings and my other relatives living there.

There are a few interesting places that I would rather recommend if you have a plan to visit Kuala Terengganu. The places located quite near to each other in which you could reach one another in less than half an hour if there is no traffic jam. My advice is try to avoid planning to visit Kuala Terengganu during festive seasons especially during Hari Raya Puasa (i.e. Eid Mubarak ) or during Chinese New Year. You may face traffic congestion at almost everywhere around Kuala Terengganu city. You might end up travelling for more than two hours for the places distance that should take less than half an hour during normal period.

Firstly, one of the famous place that you should go when visiting Kuala Terengganu is its big market locally called as ‘Pasar Besar Kedai  Payang’. It is located near Terengganu river (Sg Terengganu) and Warisan Island (Pulau Warisan). There are a lot of things available there. At Ground Floor, there are things such as pillows, blankets and cooking dishes located at the front end.  On the first floor, there are boutiques selling women clothes such as baju kurung, batik and silk. Also there are a choice of handmade craft products that can be purchased. It can be said as a place of  woman’s paradise and you can also buy a quite a lot of souvenirs, bringing home soon.

Songket is one of the must buy item when you come to Kuala Terengganu. It is a special piece of clothes traditionally wear by Malays during a special events such as weddings, celebration day and so on. The price is quite costly but  a worth to buy as compared to its quality and difficulty to get it from other places,

As my overall conclusion, Pasar Besar Kedai Payang is a best place for window shopping especially for women.  I shall continue to write more on other interesting places in Kuala Terengganu in my next posting.

Friday, 23 October 2015


PUTRAJAYA is a new administrative center of the Federal Government  and was planned to put all ministries in one region. The implementation of this new urban development had been commenced since August 1995. The Government decided to deploy Putrajaya sited at Perang Besar of Sepang district. It is the administrative center of the new federal aims to reduce congestion in Kuala Lumpur and creating new destinations of people in the long run.

The name ' Putrajaya ' inspired named after Malaysia's first Prime Minister, namely, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj. With futuristic concept and bring the image as a City in a garden, a total of 38% of the Putrajaya spaces are reserved for use by garden, lakes and wetlands, while the remaining area are being utilize for the use of government and commercial offices. A man-made lake which is covers an area of 600 hectares, located in the heart of the city has a role to balance up the weather conditions. 

Currently, activities such as boat ride, kayaking and fishing are allowed at the lake area. The whole city is decorated with various kinds of tree species and other decoration plants. The Government's approach is to ensure that the city shall act as the Smart City functions. It is relevant to the implementation of multimedia-technology facilities that have been launched and to ensure the effectiveness of communication and interaction between the Government offices with the public, traders and the local residents.

Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)

While the idea for a planned city was conceived just prior to the beginning of the 21st century, it has rapidly evolved into the pride of the nation. The residents enjoy an enhanced quality of life in an environment that is still rooted in Malaysian culture and tradition.

It is located 25 km (15.5 miles) to the southwest of Kuala Lumpur with several expressways leading there and then on to the airport. Its semi-rural setting makes it a pleasant weekend escape from the city.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Three simple Guidelines of Choosing Place for Picnic

There are a few things that you need to take note so that your picnic shall not turn into tragedy. If you feel unsure with the selection of the picnic’s location, this writings might help you to have a picnic with more comfortable and fun! 


 Once you get to the chosen picnic location, the main thing that needs to be look at is the services provided. Starting from the car park facilities, certainly we want to ensure that our cars are left in good condition. In addition, the most important is the availability of public toilets for our convenience to change clothes, and so on.


Despite of the difficulty in finding a picnic location 100% clean from contamination, at least you have to pay attention to a secure location from any insects or animals that can bring in diseases. For example, a location with full of rubbish can be a place for rats and rodents.  Small rodents are enough to spread disease through natural water resources as compared to a pool area that has chlorine. Therefore, ensure the place is clean from the center of the collection of garbage and polluted materials.  


In addition to the cleanliness, safety factors must also be taken into consideration. It is better to choose a location that has many visitors. Avoid picnic in a quiet location and has no guardian. Typically, the guardian often hangs around to watch and monitor visitors from doing any bad activities.

In addition of bringing personal needs, food and tools, you are also recommended to bring some medications as a precaution.   Don't forget also to bring your own plastic bags to put your waste products or excess food. Avoid leave your rubbish just because it could affect the beautiful views and can avoid mosquitoes and rats being spread out.   

Hopefully these three tips given is sufficient to give you the confidence to enjoy the picnic with safety, comfortable and clean. 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Rantau Abang, Terengganu, Malaysia

Located 56 km away from Kuala Terengganu, Rantau Abang have undergone its golden era. Though, because of too many visitors come to Rantau Abang from years to years, the quantity of turtles that landed there have been reduced. The important thing is that in a few years lately, many visitors had also taken their eggs that affect the turtle’s life. As the consequences, turtles rarely seems to be landed at Rantau Abang.

have undergone its golden era. Though, because of too many visitors come to Rantau Abang from years to years, the quantity of turtles that landed there have been reduced. The important thing is that in a few years lately, many visitors had also taken their eggs that affect the turtle’s life. As the consequences, turtles rarely seems to be landed at Rantau Abang.

However, the beauty of its beaches remains protected. Rantau Abang beach is frequently visited by the public because of its beautiful beaches, clear waters and perfect for bathing and showering and picnic. If you're lucky, you can see turtles that landing to lay eggs.

 Turtle species that often landed here are  Penyu Belimbing (Dermochelys Coriacea), Penyu Agar (Chelonia Mydas), Penyu Karah (Eretmochelys Imbricata) and Penyu Lipas (Lepidochelys Olivacea) .

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Lang Tengah Island, Terengganu, Malaysia

Lang Tengah Island is one of the islands of Redang Marine Park situated in the East coast of Peninsular Malaysia-Terengganu. This is a small island and located between Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian. Being sandwiched by two famous islands, Lang Tengah Island is becoming a lovely natural creation.

To get to the island, visitors can take a boat ride at Merang Jetty, which is about 24 km from the island. The boat travel is about 30 to 40 minutes and the view full with a shot of ocean waves.

It is surrounded by a coral reef and is also be habited by rare species of fishes. There are more than 100 types of corals and fishes life in the district. There are also a possibility of green turtles and Sisik Langka turtle appear during your swimming and diving there.

Besides of scuba diving activities, we can also choose to go for the  interesting water activities such as snorkeling. See-thru water on the beach there shall give us the perfect visibility in which we can see every creature under sea water. Swimming with a variety of fishes will definitely create a wonderful experience that shall not been forgotten.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Perhentian Island (Pulau Perhentian), Terengganu, Malaysia - An Overview


PerhentianIslands is approximately 6.7 nautical miles (20 km) to the northeast of Kuala Besut. This island is located in Besut District Council area.  Perhentian island group includes:
a) Perhentian Besar Island
b) Perhentian Kecil Island
c) Susu Dara Island and small islands. 
Overall breadth was 1, 392.15 hectares. There is a sandy beach area and quite spacious. As a whole, the island covered by hilly areas with a beautiful panoramic view.

Public Infrastructure facilities

Almost all public facilities are available at Perhentian Kecil Island. The facilities include kindergartens, primary schools, mosques, community halls, police, health clinic, a representative post, fire people, graveyards, Mara 2 storey shop and some groceries shops. 

Other facilities include a public jetty at the bay of Teluk Pauh and the main pier in the village. In accordance to the status of Pulau Perhentian as marine parks, the Department of fisheries has set up a Marine Park Center to house their staff to control and monitor the irrigation as well as to prepare facilities help.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

‘Little England’ at Fraser Hill, Pahang, Malaysia.

If you want to experience like having  a holiday in England, Fraser's Hill is a place that should be visited. Located about two hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, this highland resort area may offer a wonderful honeymoon vacation experience and will be very special.

Not only beautiful view, but also the temperature of  its surroundings is also quite cold especially during night. While in the morning, we could see white fog covers the view of the surroundings. Of course the memories at the highland resort like this, quite hard to be forgotten till the end of our life.

Uniquely, each buildings show clearly the English colonial architecture by the use of the particular bricks and structure of its own. Certainly, with the beauty of the backgrounds like that is very suitable to be captured by your lens  as one of the most beautiful towns in your memories.

Friday, 16 October 2015

The most popular five locations that must be visited if you travel to Korea.

Korea is one of the special Asia’s country because it has also 4 seasons include autumn, winter, spring and summer, same as most of Europe countries. From the blogs of others, I could summarizes that there are five locations that must be visited when you are in Korea.

The first one must be Nami Island right? The story of the popular movie, a drama ‘Winter Sonata’ formerly take shoot somewhere there. The island is not that big and its shaped just like a crescent. Nami Island is located approximately 63 km from Seoul.  The trees there planted  in straight lines with their leaves dropped down to ground during autumn season, yellow and orange in color.

           Jeju Island

Jeju Island located south of South Korea and is the largest island in the country. If you ever watch the drama ‘There's Autumn in My Heart’, many scenes took here. Jeju Island is famous for its beaches, volcanoes, as well as a waterfall. There are a lot of Korean dramas take shooting of their films here.

If you ever watch Korean drama ' Boys over flower ‘, this is the place where Goo Joon Pyo have been dating with Jan Dia. In NSeoul Tower or better known as Namsan Tower, we can see around over Seoul city and it must be very beautiful views in the evening and night.  At Namsan Tower also, there is a Teddy Bear Museum and Love Padlock with keys left by visitors. To get here we should take a ride cable car provided from Mount Namsan

          Oedo Botania

Oedo Botania is the place of shooting of the last episode drama of Winter Sonata and the place is very beautiful. It is located quite close to the Oedo Island Geoje Island in Geongsangnam. We have to take a ferry to go there. This is a place of must go for everyone!

          Everland Theme Park

Everland Theme Park is a theme park in South Korea and is very famous with its tulips during spring. If you are on vacation during the spring, this is the place you should go. Make sure you take a lot of photos here because of the scenery here is very beautiful.

Many other places of interest to visit in Korea and certainly one or two visits to Korea are not enough yet to cover all the interesting places. Hope the brief above could help your preparation to visit Korea.

Some Simple Guidelines on How to Choose Travel Agent for your Vacation

Are you planning to have a vacation with your family or friends and companions? Would you like to use services of a Tour Agent? If the answer is yes, it's good for you to read these tips in choosing a tour agent here, may be useful.

1. Do not easily being influenced by the cheap prices. Don't be easily tempted with offers of cheap packages from travel agents. You should pay attention to the details of the given package, start from transportation, accommodation, consumption, up to the tour. Make sure the facilities provided in accordance with the price offered. 

2. Note the route of the tour.  Select a travel agent offers package tours in accordance with your wishes. Do not choose an agent with a package tour visit to the place that you don't know. For example, out of the 10 tourist attractions on offer, there are 7 attractions in packages that you do want to visit. If you want to spend a lot of time alone rather than together in groups of travel agents, you can choose an agency that offer less group trips and more time.

3. Understand well the itinerary. You should take note of the information provided such as travel time, attractions place to visit and facilities such as the entrance ticket to the tourism and transportation. You should know from the beginning the list of the hotels or apartment to stay. Doing so will help you to get to know the ins and outs. 

4. Tour Guide and Tour Leader will assist you and accompany you from airport of departure and return back soon. The tour guide will also guide you during your visit to the attractions there. Be sure your trip to be accompanied by a tour guide and tour leader. 

That's some tips in choosing a tour agent, hopefully the basic information above are useful.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Some Tips and Guidelines while Travelling with Kids

      1. Before departing

For kids for ages 3 to 8 years, it is okay to let them select their own belongings which they wanted to bring with them. This can help them to learn in making their own decisions and learn to build self-confidence.  Oh yes, don't forget to bring the toys for the little kids. These toys can cheer them up during a long trip and avoid getting bored later. Please include a few treats such as candies and chocolates, a small towel, tissue, story books and paper and stationery in the bag as well that could be brought handy. If a vacation abroad, look for information about additional vaccines if required for the purpose of their health safety.

2. At the airport

Come check-in early at the airport to avoid delays and minor problems that can cause you to miss a plane. Tell your children about the security screening procedures so that they are not afraid to do it especially when entering the inspection door.  With a crowd of people in the airport, you need to take more care on your children’s movement. Make sure the children are always next to you and hold their hands. Don't ever leave your children without supervision from an adult.

3. In flight

In the plane, the best seats for your kids are the first row in the economy class. There is no space to walk. A child should sit between two adults, hence when making the reservation; you also need to choose a seat.  Booking seats in advance though will have to pay more but it's worth it and can help the whole family members able to seat adjacent or nearby. 

4. If traveling by car

Make the trip by car in pleasant memories by bringing pillows and blankets. Stop regularly if required at any place of rest and treat area. Make sure you set up paper, pencils, toys, CD songs and favorite children's book. And most importantly, involve your children in the mood of the vacation.  Keep everything related to your holiday such as brochures and ticket in special booklet such as the thick book. By viewing at the brochures and the tickets, it will be more exciting and makes them eager to reach the destination.

5. At the destination

Make sure your vacation schedule with your kids more relaxed and have plenty of free time. Do not create a compact itinerary. It will make your kids very tired and thus makes them irritable. If other family members follow your vacation, make sure they store information about hotels and phone numbers to be contacted during emergencies. 

6. At hotel
Make sure children do not play in the bathroom. Make sure your hotel’s room floor is not wet also to avoid the kids or you from slipping. When you relax, make sure the windows are not open and the door is locked.  Most of the children are indeed like showering activities very much in the pool. Hence, don't let them swim without supervision from you or any other adults.

7. The things that need to be taken

If your vacation agenda includes a swimming pool, sea, water theme park and places associated with water, the important thing that you need to make sure is never let them alone. Although they can swim, children should always wear floats.  Bring a hat wider and skin moisturizer to protect children from the sun light. Bring the required medicine also. Don't forget to save your family doctor numbers that can be contacted when the emergency even if you're on holiday abroad. To prevent diseases caused by the contaminated water, drink only mineral water and use the water that already being boiled to make a child's milk or juice.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

How to Choose Hotel or Resorts for Vacation

We would like to share this time some tips to select hotels and resorts for a comfortable accommodation especially for budgeted vacation. A comfortable hotel or resort will add to the wonderful atmosphere which definitely results to an enjoyable holiday.

Purpose of Vacation

The purpose of a vacation the first thing that we have to consider while selecting a hotel . Vacations certainly have many purposes such as honeymoon, vacation with family, vacation with friends and so on. If the holiday vacation is for business purpose, the arrangement shall be different from a vacation with the family or honeymoon. So make sure we clear on the purpose of the vacation.


This is the most important thing to take note. This is because the budget can determine the quality of the selected hotel. If your budget just on usual average, please avoid to take any kind of an expensive hotel. A comfortable and safe hotel is sufficient. This is different if your budget is high. 


The location of your stay plays a pretty important while choosing your hotel. Never choose a hotel far from the place you want to go because it is not a smart choice. The selected hotel should have transportation and maybe internet facilities. This matter should be highly considered especially when we are on vacation with the family.

Hotel facilities

The hotel facilities also could affect the comfort of our vacation. Imagine that  if we  expect that there shall be a swimming pool at the hotel but later on we realize that there no swimming pool there, how do we feel?.  We will feel very disappointed. This usually happens when booking hotels online without checking the hotel information properly.

Six tips on how to avoid the irritable stomach during traveling to Asia's country

Why Asia? Generally in Asia , many countries have their own famous cuisines for its diversity of types of food such as Japanese cuisine, Indian cuisine and Chinese cuisine in which always been a meal in anywhere eateries. In addition, we are also famous for its many dishes using spices-a fairly ' spicy spices such as black pepper, Curry, coconut milk and much more. For some of those who have sensitive stomach, mistakenly select food will  certainly make them suffer symptoms such as diarrhea, indigestion and bloated stomach. This will make our stomach discomfort and will disrupt our daily activities if we're on vacation. Let's read what the 6 tips to avoid the fuss of stomach:

1) Control the fat intake of sugar during the holidays, if possible avoid fast food or high fat foods and sugar content. If possible, before going to a place, do a little study  where are the location of suitable restaurants suite for us.

2) Plan your lunch when traveling, undoubtedly we often running out of time to eat calmly. That means going to a restaurant and order a set of rice was done with relish. Sometimes we had to go out early in the morning to get to the airport or waiting for a taxi to go to the destinations of their own. So always plan your travel and lunch. In the event of not being able to eat enough, we could have some snacks by consuming bread and drinking of mineral water. As long as the stomach is not left empty without filled with food can increase the acid content in the stomach.

3) Do not eat  spicy cuisine. So preferably not too packed dishes containing chilly and curry.

4) Eat in moderation, Do not over eat because more food into the stomach, there will be more number of acid produced in the stomach. So, control the quantity of the food in, preferably eat frequently but a little amount. The full stomach will cause the activity to be distracted and can makes us sleepy. So it is a waste if the time should be utilized to identify the places people are filled with sleep activities.

5) Watch carefully what is eaten when travelling in places people, the first thing that should concern is the cleanliness of the premises/venues. Never eat in the store that we are not sure the cleanness  as stores that can be found at the roadside or far from a clean water source. Never eat fruits that have been cut and idle. Be sure also to drink clean and filtered water.

6) Do not eat before sleeping since  during our body lay down, it could cause acid from our stomach to move to the esophagus. So, if you wish to have a snack before bedtime, take fruit and water adequately.  Therefore, it is very important so that we take care of your health and stomach while travelling. It wasn't okay to any country in Southeast Asia, which mainly provides a spicy and acidic menu. If Indonesia is famous for its chicken with curry, Malaysia with 'nasi lemak 'and fish stews. So be careful when taking food. . In addition, make sure to bring a bit of basic medicine necessarily to prevent from happening sickness if any.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

How to have a long vacation with only one bag?

By traveling we learn something about a place that we visited either in terms of culture, customs and its environment in a particular place.  For those who like to travel, bags and luggage are important indeed when we go for a vacation. Maybe enough or sufficient with only one bag for those who vacation in a day or two days. But how do who want to travel more than a week? Certainly we need more luggage isn't it? Here I want to share a little travel tips with one bag only for a long vacation:

1. Many of us do not know how to arrange clothes in the travelling bag. So, we have difficulties to accommodate all the shirts are required. This has not yet to include with the other necessities. Firstly is by fold and sort clothes firmly to save space in the bag. Remember, all goods can be loaded if it is compiled with the correct and proper way.

2. Easy cleaning clothes  is a smart choice to bring along if you want a long travel. This is because you can wear it over and over while on vacation. There are some individuals who have a habit of bringing more clothes than necessary. So, choose the right clothing you comfortable so that you can wear it again when there.

3. The selection of a suitable bag is very important . For example if you go to camping, climbing or relaxing holidays, backpacks are perfect choice to use because you don't need to hold it all the time. You also need to compile all your needs in the bag so that it fit well.

You can also isolate the clothes already worn if you choose bags have many components so they are not mixed with other clothes. This can prevent your clothes become an unpleasant and uncomfortable. In addition, you won't feel worries in finding anything because you already know where its position. This type of bag is highly recommended to those who have a lot of small stuff so that it is not left out everywhere.

4.  It is better if you separate the important documents such as passport, wallet, mobile phone and others into the other special bag, such as a small cross bag. It also offers easy access to anywhere without having to feel worry. Make several copies for documents which are important as a back up. If lost, you can use them when making a police report.

Hope the above tips could help you. Have a nice holiday!

How to Avoid Overloaded Luggage

Bring massive belongings especially when traveling in the long period is absolutely normal. Certainly, a lot of stuff that we have to take in order to meet all needs and requirements during the travelling. In order to avoid such situations, you need to choose the correct items to be brought that are really needed while travelling. There are also situations in which that you still have to bring large bags and seems very compact although you already minimize the goods carried. These things usually happen due to the improper putting of things inside the bags. 

Therefore, practical tips on how to keep things in your bag that may be able to help you and at the same time lighten the bag to be carried.

●       First, we put the clothes in the bag, roll back the outfit. In addition to space-saving, wind-up clothings also can reduce wrinkles in your clothes. For light cotton type of dress and thin, you can wind-up them as small as possible.

●      Secondly, place the heaviest items on the bottom of the bag so that the burdens are not too heavy and bags are also more balance. Then the placing shall be followed by the other lighter  items. Keep in mind, to bring items such as a laptop or camera, make sure you put them first into a durable container before putting it into your suitcase.

●       Third, for personal things such as shampoo, soap, towels and toothpaste, make sure you take him in a bottle or small size. It could save the usage of them and also save more space in your bag.

●      Fourth, do not forget to bring also plastic bags for storing dirty clothes so that it can be kept separately from the clean clothes. The situation occurs if you holiday in the Islands or coastal areas. Thus with the availability of plastic bags, your shirts are still clean and can be saved from dirty, wet or smelly sweat.

●       Fifth, separate the very importance items such as wallets or passports into small bags to ease you pick them up later on when needed

●       And finally, if you bringing extra shoes, wrap them with plastic bags so that more space can be saved. Make sure while you go and return from vacation, you wear the clothes that take a lot of storage space or weight inside the bag such as jackets and jeans.  By that, it could ease the burden of goods carried during the travelling.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Benefits of Having Vacation with Family

In this modern age, parents are very busy with their jobs, and do not have the time to spend with their families, especially with their children. Some parents who are too busy that causes their children do not get enough attention and encourages their children to find love in the outside world. Sometimes, the kids will get caught up in the activities that are less healthy like smoking, stealing and taking part in illegal races. Therefore, families vacation must be held at least once a year, so a bit of quality time can be spent with the loved ones. 

There are various benefits of such a holiday.

1) Among the benefits of such vacation is it strengthen relationship with family members. During vacations, parents and children can understand between each other. This holiday time can also be used to solve the family-related problem. It is indirectly will save relationship and family institutions from collapse.

2) In addition, during a family vacation, the family members were able to liberate themselves from daily pressures such as pressure in work and school. Parents also should take this opportunity to interact with their children about their condition. Parents can also ask about the progress of their children's education at school.

3) A family vacation is also able to strengthen relationships among family members. During the holidays, parents and children can have a better understanding between each other while spending time together. Activities performed during a family vacation like kayaking, camping, shopping and traveling could build a peaceful, happy and comfortable with family members. As a results, the kids and parents will feel more open to talk about the condition of their families.

In conclusion, each family must hold a joint family vacation each year and such a vacation should be continued in the coming years. It is indirectly will establish a harmonious and happy family. Family vacations are also could contribute to the increase income of the country, particularly in the tourism industry. Therefore parents should respond actively to organize family vacations to produce your loved family. Parents is a main pillar in a family institution.

Tips of selecting hotel of your choices

The hotel condition is one of the factors that affect your comfort while travelling. If you have a comfortable hotel, you could rest peacefully in the evening of the next day, so that your body will be freshen enough to explore the interesting places that you plan to visit. But conversely, if the hotel you choose is not comfortable enough then your travel on the next day could be distracted. To get a cheap and comfortable hotel, we would like to share some of these tips:

1.    Hotel location
The location of the hotel chosen should a location near to the places to eat and also to consider the hotel which is located close to the major attractions you want to visit. If you stay in a place that is far from the main attractions or dining, you're going to wasteful transportation costs. It could be that hotel prices look cheaper but due to its location far away, it may end up with you will be more tired and become more wasteful in time and money.

2.   Facilities
Choose hotel which can provide facilities according to your needs. If you want to enjoy the sights outside the hotel and the hotel just as the place you sleep and keeping your goods and then choose budget hotel that offers only the basic needs of travellers such as bed and bath.  In this situation, do not choose a hotel that offers a wide range of facilities. Remember, all of the facilities you get have a correlation with money you have to pay. Do not let you waste your money for something you could not enjoy and utilize. Conversely, if you are on honeymoon and spent more time in hotels so hotels with complete facilities and service are worth it. Some of the villas have a selection of honeymoon packages that are ready to treat you like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

3.   Price
Most of us are surely agree to choose a hotel with a cheaper price (assuming with reasonable quality and facilities). There are 2 ways to get cheap rates hotel. The first way (suitable for families) by make a booking through a travel agent. This can happen due to a great travel agent could be pressing the owners to give the contract a cheaper rate. For example you came/ask directly to the 4-star hotel in Kuta, you may be offered a price of  200 dollars /night excluding tax services 21%, but if you are booking via a travel agent, you may be able to price of 180 dollars, net!. Indeed in some cases,  the calculations seems unreasonable, but it happened. The second way (perfect for backpackers) because if you cannot get any hotel, you should be prepared to sleep in the waiting room at the airport. The way is to book a hotel through online travel agents. Many owners of hotels offers last minute price (given exclusively for booking on the same day) with a great discount. The reasoning is that rather than leaving empty rooms at their hotel, the discounted offer could give pretty cover on their electricity costs.

4.   Don't forget to see the review
Before placing any  booking for a particular hotel, either through a conventional travel agent or online travel agent, we recommend that you read first and study people reviews of the hotel of your choice. One of the popular online reviews is tripadvisor. In addition, some online travel agent also has reviews and comments from people who've already stayed before. It may be useful for you in making comparison with other hotel and your expectation before final decision is made.

Redang Island (Pulau Redang), Terengganu, Malaysia

Redang Island or locally called Pulau Redang  is among the 10 most beautiful islands in the world. It is located 45km  from the shores of Kuala Terengganu. To get to Redang Island, visitors have to get boat ride from Merang Jetty or pier. The trip will take about 1 hour from the Jetty Kuala Terengganu and 50 minutes from Merang Jetty. Redang island is famous with its coral beauty. During the sunny day, the sunlight penetrate seawater, we could see very  clear the variety of coral reef fishes and colorful. 

For those who prefer diving or scuba diving activities, this is where the most appropriate place for you to start into practice. Among other activities offer here also includes  swimming, diving, snorkeling, catch keno and boat ride. Due to Redang Island has been gazette as a Marine Park, fishing activities are not allowed here within 3.2 km radius.

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Kapas Island, Terengganu, Malaysia

Kapas Island, Terengganu, Malaysia

Kapas island is one of the famous island in Terengganu. Pulau Kapas given name because white sand beaches such as cotton.  In Pulau Kapas most resort/chalet offers vacation packages, package snorkeling and also snorkelling packages.

A peaceful atmosphere around Pulau Kapas is definitely capable of giving the peace ideal honeymoon couple new and last well. See the white sandy beaches North is quite exciting enough.

Until you feel the wish to feel the blessings of barefoot walking along the beach. While occasionally running and playing, this sure enough shall be a bright memories.

Take advantage of the natural beauty that is in front of the eyes. You and your friends can do snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking and so on. There are several resort operates here to stay overnight on the island. Among them are Kapas Island Resort, Kapas Turtle Valley, The Light House, Kapas Beach Resort and many more.

Perhentian Island, Terengganu, Malaysia

Perhentian Island, Terengganu, Malaysia

Been in Pulau Perhentian for honeymooners is the ultimate choice is not to mention the island had been named among the 10 most beautiful islands in the world.It consists of two islands, namely Pulau Perhentian Besar and Pulau Perhentian Kecil. Pristine white beaches, crystal clear sea water is blue and beautiful corals are pretty awesome.There is nothing more beautiful can be expressed, let you understand it and feel it while immersing themselves in while on vacation or a honeymoon together here.

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