Thursday, 22 October 2015

Three simple Guidelines of Choosing Place for Picnic

There are a few things that you need to take note so that your picnic shall not turn into tragedy. If you feel unsure with the selection of the picnic’s location, this writings might help you to have a picnic with more comfortable and fun! 


 Once you get to the chosen picnic location, the main thing that needs to be look at is the services provided. Starting from the car park facilities, certainly we want to ensure that our cars are left in good condition. In addition, the most important is the availability of public toilets for our convenience to change clothes, and so on.


Despite of the difficulty in finding a picnic location 100% clean from contamination, at least you have to pay attention to a secure location from any insects or animals that can bring in diseases. For example, a location with full of rubbish can be a place for rats and rodents.  Small rodents are enough to spread disease through natural water resources as compared to a pool area that has chlorine. Therefore, ensure the place is clean from the center of the collection of garbage and polluted materials.  


In addition to the cleanliness, safety factors must also be taken into consideration. It is better to choose a location that has many visitors. Avoid picnic in a quiet location and has no guardian. Typically, the guardian often hangs around to watch and monitor visitors from doing any bad activities.

In addition of bringing personal needs, food and tools, you are also recommended to bring some medications as a precaution.   Don't forget also to bring your own plastic bags to put your waste products or excess food. Avoid leave your rubbish just because it could affect the beautiful views and can avoid mosquitoes and rats being spread out.   

Hopefully these three tips given is sufficient to give you the confidence to enjoy the picnic with safety, comfortable and clean. 

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