Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Simple Tips of Driving Car While Travelling in Europe

Here are tips for those who intend to drive a car while travelling in Europe:

  • Car bookings over the internet are much cheaper. If booking directly from the counter, for example for a week full of cover, charged £ 500. But if you make a booking online can be less expensive, about £ 250.

  • If you choose a large car rental companies (e.g. europcar), car rental can be collected and returned at anywhere you wish. For car rentals here (i.e. Europe), we do not have to worry about of experiencing car breakdown while driving. The reason is the cars rental provided are all new cars. 

  • Don’t forget to bring your valid driving international license

  • GPS  Unit Rental for a day is quite expensive, about £ 20. If you rent let say for five days, it cost you almost the same price of buying 1 brand-new GPS unit already. Thus renting a GPS unit is not a good choice. Usually new cars already have in-built GPS, so the cost already included in the car rental charges.


  • GPS is very helpful since some places do not have the internet coverage, so we have to rely with this gadget. 

  • Petrol or gas price varies to per gas station. In France it cost about £ 1.4 liters and in Spain £ 1.3 liters. Thus make sure you fill fuel before night.

  • Please bring pen drive with your favorite songs to avoid drowsiness while driving. Some of the songs play on the radio, for example in France, we may not understand.

  • Lastly, do not forget to recite your prayers before drive and enjoy the view.

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