Tuesday, 13 October 2015

How to Avoid Overloaded Luggage

Bring massive belongings especially when traveling in the long period is absolutely normal. Certainly, a lot of stuff that we have to take in order to meet all needs and requirements during the travelling. In order to avoid such situations, you need to choose the correct items to be brought that are really needed while travelling. There are also situations in which that you still have to bring large bags and seems very compact although you already minimize the goods carried. These things usually happen due to the improper putting of things inside the bags. 

Therefore, practical tips on how to keep things in your bag that may be able to help you and at the same time lighten the bag to be carried.

●       First, we put the clothes in the bag, roll back the outfit. In addition to space-saving, wind-up clothings also can reduce wrinkles in your clothes. For light cotton type of dress and thin, you can wind-up them as small as possible.

●      Secondly, place the heaviest items on the bottom of the bag so that the burdens are not too heavy and bags are also more balance. Then the placing shall be followed by the other lighter  items. Keep in mind, to bring items such as a laptop or camera, make sure you put them first into a durable container before putting it into your suitcase.

●       Third, for personal things such as shampoo, soap, towels and toothpaste, make sure you take him in a bottle or small size. It could save the usage of them and also save more space in your bag.

●      Fourth, do not forget to bring also plastic bags for storing dirty clothes so that it can be kept separately from the clean clothes. The situation occurs if you holiday in the Islands or coastal areas. Thus with the availability of plastic bags, your shirts are still clean and can be saved from dirty, wet or smelly sweat.

●       Fifth, separate the very importance items such as wallets or passports into small bags to ease you pick them up later on when needed

●       And finally, if you bringing extra shoes, wrap them with plastic bags so that more space can be saved. Make sure while you go and return from vacation, you wear the clothes that take a lot of storage space or weight inside the bag such as jackets and jeans.  By that, it could ease the burden of goods carried during the travelling.

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