Friday, 16 October 2015

The most popular five locations that must be visited if you travel to Korea.

Korea is one of the special Asia’s country because it has also 4 seasons include autumn, winter, spring and summer, same as most of Europe countries. From the blogs of others, I could summarizes that there are five locations that must be visited when you are in Korea.

The first one must be Nami Island right? The story of the popular movie, a drama ‘Winter Sonata’ formerly take shoot somewhere there. The island is not that big and its shaped just like a crescent. Nami Island is located approximately 63 km from Seoul.  The trees there planted  in straight lines with their leaves dropped down to ground during autumn season, yellow and orange in color.

           Jeju Island

Jeju Island located south of South Korea and is the largest island in the country. If you ever watch the drama ‘There's Autumn in My Heart’, many scenes took here. Jeju Island is famous for its beaches, volcanoes, as well as a waterfall. There are a lot of Korean dramas take shooting of their films here.

If you ever watch Korean drama ' Boys over flower ‘, this is the place where Goo Joon Pyo have been dating with Jan Dia. In NSeoul Tower or better known as Namsan Tower, we can see around over Seoul city and it must be very beautiful views in the evening and night.  At Namsan Tower also, there is a Teddy Bear Museum and Love Padlock with keys left by visitors. To get here we should take a ride cable car provided from Mount Namsan

          Oedo Botania

Oedo Botania is the place of shooting of the last episode drama of Winter Sonata and the place is very beautiful. It is located quite close to the Oedo Island Geoje Island in Geongsangnam. We have to take a ferry to go there. This is a place of must go for everyone!

          Everland Theme Park

Everland Theme Park is a theme park in South Korea and is very famous with its tulips during spring. If you are on vacation during the spring, this is the place you should go. Make sure you take a lot of photos here because of the scenery here is very beautiful.

Many other places of interest to visit in Korea and certainly one or two visits to Korea are not enough yet to cover all the interesting places. Hope the brief above could help your preparation to visit Korea.

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